Design Your Belt

Transform yourself from customer to creator by designing your very own unique luxury leather polo belt with our brand new immersive 3D belt studio shopping experience. Now is your chance to create your own version of our iconic polo belt in a style as unique and special as you are.

To begin, choose a pattern template below; then, you will be guided through choices of leather colour, buckle type, and of course colour choice for the threaded panels. With 5 patterns, 4 colours of leather, 2 buckle choices, and 48 different colours to choose from, there are hundreds of thousands of unique colour combinations, so your new belt can be truly unique to you. As well as this, these special belts bear an optional personalisation of up to three letters, perfect for initials or short names.

Once you have completed your design, our artisans over in La Pampa, Argentina, will get to work, skillfully hand-making each piece with the same traditional techniques and love as all of our luxury leather products. The local, top-grain leather is hand-picked, and undergoes a vegetable-tanning process to ensure its buttersoft quality. Then, the belt is carefully hand-stitched using wax-dipped saddlery thread; each belt takes up to five hours to complete. Then your new creation is shipped to your door; due to the made-to-measure nature of these belts it may take 4-6 weeks.

So without any further ado, choose a design template and get started!

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